Brands we Carry 

Specializing in Canadian Diamond Jewellery, Fine jewellery, Custom Designs.
Authorized Dealer of the following;

Bradford Exchange
Rhythm Clocks.
Watches by Pierre Laurent, Bering, Bulova, Caravelle, Citizen, Cardinal and Citadel.
Jewellery designs by Elle, SteelX, Italgem, Keith Jack, Cadoryn, Astra, White Ice, Rousseau, Rembrandt, Marahlago, Bella, QUDO interchangeable jewelry.
Giftware by Willow Tree, Painted Ponies, Snowbabies, Tzone, Lolita Stemware, Franz and Bunnykinz.

Gifts for Babies, Religious Celebrations, Graduations, Weddings, Anniversaries, Executives, Gifts for Women & Men

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Bradford Exchange  

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Family Jewellery

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Lizzy James

Not all of the brands we carry are listed here. If you don't see the specific brand you are searching for come into the store or contact us. 

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